Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Our Disney Vacation

Well we went on our yearly Disney Trip this past week, and it was GREAT to get away...We had taken Payton to Disney last year at the age of 6 months, but just stayed around the Disney Resort and took her to Disney Village for a some shopping, nothing big! This year we decided to take her to Disney World! We were so excited, couldn't wait to show her all of the wonderful things Disney had to offer...rides, scenery. They had the park all decorated for Halloween and they even celebrated Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party! Well Friday morning we got up ready to go, took the bus over to the park, little one was looking everywhere, couldn't decide what to look at first! Once we got into the park she laid eyes on Chip -n- Dale, the chipmunks and Pluto! She didn't CRY! She was actually quite amazed with them, from a distance of course! The crowds were rolling in, and at that little one freaked out! I don't know if it was the amount of people the were around her or it was to much going on for her little brain to focus! We decided to take her onto the Carousel, thought she would love it! NOPE! Cried the whole time...I felt so bad, nothing we could do was calming her down...it came upon lunch and it was so hot, and overwhelming, we decided to head back to the resort and lay by the pool, eat lunch, take a nap and try again later that day the park, again! Needless to say, she loved the pool, couldn't get enough of it...couldn't get her out! All it took for Payton to be happy was the little baby pool and the small fountains shooting water..haha! So simple! We will try again maybe next year to take her back to Disney, maybe she'll like it then...I guess we'll have to try and see! Overall it was a GREAT vacation...spending time with family...enjoy the happy moments!

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Addison's Mama said...

How much fun!!! I really want to go once Addison get's a little bit older- looks like fun!! Payton is too cute!!

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