Friday, October 3, 2008

Schedule, Schedule, Schedule!

Well it is the start to the weekend here in sunny Florida and the weather is gorgeous! I have all the windows open, air blowing through and Payton has just gone down for her nap. She didn't take one this morning so she has finally worked it into HER schedule! I have decided not to fight with her when it comes to napping, she will get tired sooner or later and passout! I found out when I went home to Pennsylvania it is just to draining to fight with her, it ruins your day and puts you in a mood, not worth having! As she gets older, the schedule seems to change, and you have to just go with the flow...some days she is right on point and others...not so much! All I can do is enjoy the time that she is up, wear her out and hope she sleeps later...haha! Everyone tells me, especially the older people, they never had schedules...they just went with it and the kids followed. Now a days, it is all you hear about schedule, schedule, schedule! What is a mom to do! I guess it is like and learn! I will most likely be completely different with my second! We had a good time together this morning, I got my work done...of course while she watched Blues Clues (life saver) we had ourselves some lunch, after that we went outside with the sidewalk draw on the patio, and eat some popsicles, yummy! Now she is all snuggled in her bed, and I don't hear a thing! Love it!


Addison's Mama said...

Right now, I am dealing with Addison fighting afternoon naps. She goes down for her morning naps without a fight, same with bedtime but afternoon naps- a totally different story! :)

leigh186 said...

How cute! Love the blog and Paytons adorable! Ava is keeping me busy herself. She's almost 3mths I have to send more pics. I should be returning to work soon. I hate to leave her but, Im starting to get cabin fever in this house doing baby talk all day. I'm currently working at a Rehab as a nurse Tomorrow I'm going to send my application to the NICU. Wish me luck! I don't know how much our parents keep in touch but, mine got a new Harley a few months ago. I remember your dads. I think the bike had something to do with becoming grandparents Ha Ha! The two of them are so funny I met them in Stuart today for lunch and they showed up on the bike dressed in black wearing the gear to match. Oh and my mom has this baby pink and black helmet. Too funny. I look forward to keeping up with the blog. Keep writing. Hugs, Tara Deleon

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