Saturday, October 25, 2008


After our fun vacation to Disney, we came home got settled in...and I got sick! I have been dealing with this cold now for the past 2 weeks, and it is one of those headcolds, where you feel the pressure with every move your head makes! Yuck! It finally seems to be getting a little better...but my nose is still stuffed! The past couple of nites, because of my nose I have been snoring...haha! So my hubby has been moving out to the sofa to sleep! He doesn't want to wake me, so he just moves!

Now little one has gotten my cold, and I feel horrible, I tried so hard not to get her sick! Wiping everything down with clorox wipes, washing my hands million times a day! Not breathing near her, on her! It is really hard though when you have such a kissy little girl! haha! If you do not look at her when she wants to give you a kiss, she pulls your face over with her little hands...

So I have been rubbing her down with baby vicks, which she loves! I placed her cool mist humidifier in her room...and have been giving her medicine. I just hope it doesn't get any worse for her and just goes away! It's not fun with a sick child! I would rather myself be sick over her any day!

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Addison's Mama said...

Oh Jenn I feel your pain!!! I hate being sick! Mine started last week, I just hope it ends soon! I too, have gotten Addison sick! Poor thing- she is not happy! We are both home miserable!
I hope both you and Payton feel better soon!!!
Love you!

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