Friday, December 12, 2008

Baby Itch!

Well it is almost the end of another year and it just seems like yesterday I was holding my new little girl in my arms! She is getting so big and harder to hold and because of this, I think, I'm getting the baby itch, big time! haha!

But, beings that the economy is so bad right now, and everything is so up in the air, we are not wanting to bring a new little one into the mix when things are so unclear and unsure...of what is ahead! Every time I look at her photos and how little Payton was, it is so hard not to want to have one RIGHT NOW!

Hopefully, things in the upcoming new year will be different, bring some change and offer everyone the relief they are needing!

Take each day with your little one, they grow so fast...she is amazing me everyday, and she is soooo smart! I love just watching her, it's my entertainment! haha! Everyone can tell you that you don't know love till you have had a child of your own and this is so true...I love every minute with her! I can't wait to give her a play mate and add to our happy little family!

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Addison's Mama said...

I hear ya!!!
Having a baby is truly amazing!!!

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