Thursday, November 6, 2008

Baby Bows - Perfect Gift!

I posted some new images of Baby Bows I have been working on...I'm going to try and sell some at the upcoming community yard sale and see how I do! I would love to get more involved in making these if the clients were there...which they are not, at this point anyway!

Something interesting to think about...Payton and I were in Target the other day and I came across baby clips, like the ones Sally & I are making up...and there was a pack of 4 priced at $9.99, BUT, they didn't look anything like mine, all they were was single piece of ribbon wrapped around a clip, in jems, jewels, ribbon bows, NOTHING...for $10.00. I thought to myself, people are buying these....I just need to get myself out there somehow to let people see what I can do and for less money and more bow!

Let me know what you think of the NEWEST looks!

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Addison's Mama said...

Girl you are way too creative! These are so dang cute!!!!

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