Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Moving Right Along!

Well, I'm moving right along on Landon's room, I'm determined to have it finished before the baby shower in November. I'm doing all the painting and decorating by myself right now...My hubby says he isn't a good painter, so he goes to the gym while prego me is up and down on the ladder. I'll be glad when it's done and his room finally looks like a room again! Once the focal wall is all striped I can finally set up all his furniture and bedding, so I'm excited for that. Now my hubby wants to add something on the wall across from the animals! I just looked at him funny! haha!

Then thinking about it, Landon's diaper changer will be on that wall and it will look quite plain, so I'm THINKING of adding a silhouette of 3 little monkeys hanging from a the chocolate brown color...I'm hoping it looks good! We'll see I'll have to post pictures once it's all done!

Wish me luck!

These are the little monkeys but done in Chocolate Brown!

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leigh186 said...

Love the wall it looks great!

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