Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Payton's New Sandbox!

My sister and her future hubby, got Payton the cutest sandbox for Christmas. It is a Big Red Crab, large enough for more then one child, she is thinking ahead! Good Girl!
It's nice because it comes with a lid to keep all the dirt and animals out of it! They also decided to get her BLUE sand! haha! John and I cleaned off the back porch on Sunday and went and brought her sandbox out for her to play in, she didn't know what to do with it at first but quickly got the hang of it! She has been wanting to play in it multiple times a day now. She has been waking up in the morning and that is the first thing she wants to do! She has a little trouble keeping the sand in the box, trying to pour it from one container to another. I'm really glad she loves it outside so much, being in Florida that is a good thing! She has also started to pull on you to come! If you are sitting down, she will come over to you...grab your hand and start pulling, saying come, come! She wants to take you somewhere...she is so funny! I Love Her!

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Addison's Mama said...

OMG this is SO CUTE!!!!!
I LOVE the blue sand, how fun!!
Payton looks like she loves it. This is a great way to keep her entertained, looks like she could play in there all day! :)

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