Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Christmas Morning!

I still can't believe Christmas was here and gone already, it seemed like just yesterday we were getting ready for it all, decorating the tree, goes by way to quick. I like to take in that Christmas feeling as much as I can, especially with my little's so important to me to share new things with her, and as she is getting older and understanding so much more it is a GREAT feeling to see her face light up when she enjoys something...This is a awesome time right now with her...her age is GREAT, and the fact that I can do so much with her...I love it!

Here are some pictures from X-mas Morning...

Payton Enjoying her new books, she got tons!

Christmas Morning at Mom & Dad's, Unreal!

Payton Opening Gifts Christmas Eve!

Christmas Morning at Our House, Our Tree!

Payton's New 4 Wheeler!

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Addison's Mama said...

Such cute pictures!
I LOVED the video of Payton driving her car- that was adorable! I love how excited she is- too cute! Kids are so much fun :)

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