Tuesday, November 25, 2008

My Birthday Weekend!

My 30th Birthday was this weekend and it was nice and very relaxing! I enjoyed my day on Saturday by going to breakfast with my hubby and baby girl, doing a little shopping, coming home and putting up my Christmas Tree, yes my tree, already! When it comes to this time of year it doesn't take long for me to get the Christmas itch, I love decorating for the holidays, listening to holiday music and just the whole "FEEL" of Christmas Time, even though I don't have the snow! haha! I came home and laid Payton down for her nap and then John helped me set the tree up, I put all the lights on and had it glowing when Payton got up from her nap! To see her face when she walked out of her room, well it made my day! John made me dinner that night and we just sat and watched TV, it was nice! Sunday we had planned dinner with friends, so Payton stayed home with nana & pappy for the evening and we headed to Bonefish, it was nice to get out and enjoy a nice glass of wine and a good dinner with friends, we had good conversation, lots of laughs, Payton still was a main topic...haha! It is hard leaving her home when we go out, I'm so used to having her with me everywhere...its difficult for me when she's not! But, all in all, I had a good birthday, just one more year older...looking forward to hopefully having a 2nd baby to spend time with on my next birthday, or close to it...we'll see about that one!

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Addison's Mama said...

Now you are my age- ha ha! We are getting old-j/k!! :)

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