Friday, October 31, 2008


1.what i did before I had a child....I worked for Pevonia International, a world-wide skincare company as a graphic designer in their marketing department. I worked there for 4 years. Also went out quite a bit, whether it was to the clubs, bars, movies, to that Payton is getting older, it is easier to pack her up and go out to eat and shopping. We have yet to take her to the movies, afraid it is still to loud for her little ears. The clubs and bars, have no idea when the last time that was, but I'm pretty sure that part of my life is over, little to old for that!

2. what i do now: Raise my daughter which keeps me busy! Also I'm running my own freelance design company out of the house...this way I can still work and be creative, doing what I love, and also be home with my little girl! I wouldn't give up staying home with her, I love it, even on the not so good days!

3. what i'd like to do: Being with family! Going to dinner, movies, shopping! haha! I would love to have a good group of friends to do game night with. Good food, good friends and lots of fun with games, whether it was cards or board games...friends like that in this town are hard to come by, everyone still goes out to party!

4. what attracts me to my husband: His smile! I love when he smiles, lets me know he is happy! I like that...I love his loyalty, personality, & humor! I do wish we were as close as we used to be, but with all the stressfulness of's hard! Date night is a GREAT idea...lets you reconnect with your hubby without the babies yelling for attention! Yet, when it is just you and him, all you talk about is the baby! haha! Funny how things work!

5. favorite food: French Toast...haha! That's a new one, right! Really anything...steak dinner or a great chicken dinner is just as good! But, great big salads will do the trick for me too! Sometimes you just need a light but filling meal, and salads normally do it!

6. what i say most often: You serious! For some reason this is what comes out of my mouth most often right now, not sure why!

7. pick 7 other blogger: I don't know that many bloggers...haha! So Tara, I tag you!

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