Wednesday, October 1, 2008


6 Quirks about me:

1) When I get in a cleaning mood, look out! I must have everything put away, things straight, sad but I mean straight, pictures, vases...etc...I like everything to have a certain order.

2) I run the vac at least once a day! As Sally says, it does get quite hard keeping up with a kid and animals, and there are some days just once is not enough, but I deal! I hate seeing hair and dirt on my floors, something I cannot take!

3) I like to try new things, it might only last a week or so, once I've done it and I can say I did it, I'm done!

4) I have a habit of getting what I want, whether I have to push for it or not! I like to think that is a good quirk though, it gets things done!

5) I like to have my pantry organized! Is that sad that I have nothing better to do then make sure all the noodles are in the upper right hand corner and all the cereals are on the center shelf, and all my cooking supplies are at eye level?

6) I like to make lists, no matter what it might be, store list, things to me something to check off as I go, so I know I'm getting things done!

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Addison's Mama said...

I am the same way with every single one of these things- too funny! Wished you lived closer! :(

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